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Become Empowered

by your own Potential!

Living a healthy lifestyle is a goal that most human beings try to strive for in their lifetime. But, with raising children, increasing work hours, traffic, busy schedules, and limited time in the day, it is very difficult for people to fit in diet and exercise.

My goal as your personal trainer is to empower you by educating you on diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I do that by utilizing knowledge, direction, encouragement, and I tailor programs that will help you meet your fitness and health goals. I feel lucky to be doing what I love, to be guiding my clients to a happier and healthier life.

Work out with me in the convenience of your own home, and lose weight, tone up, and gain strength & energy! 

The wonderful part about being able to have a face to face personal trainer in your home is that there are no monthly gym fees and or contracts to sign. Every class and or individual session you pay for, you will actually be able to use within your busy schedule!

Finally with technology there is a way to work out where we can bring the gym to you!

There's no time like NOW to get started!

Call today for a free consultation!



Judy Maloney

Certified Fitness Trainer

Certified Specialist in

Fitness Nutrition

 Before beginning any exercise or nutrition program consult your doctor or physician.

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