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Nutrition Notes

8 Fitness-Boosting Foods and Nutrients

If optimal fitness is your goal, there's no getting around your diet. That’s right, fitness is not all about designing the ideal workout plan, as your diet can easily make or break an otherwise excellent regimen.

Knowing which foods and specific nutrients deliver the most bang for your buck in terms of supporting your fitness goals can go a long way. below to read entire article......

8 Ridiculous Nutrition Myths Debunked

There is a lot of incompetence in the area of nutrition and health. Even health professionals seem to constantly contradict each other.

Here are 8 ridiculous nutrition myths, thoroughly debunked.

1. A Calorie is a Calorie,

It is a common myth that all that matters for weight loss is calories in, calories out.... more:

The Dirty Truth about High Fructose Corn Syrup

I am in awe of the recent TV commercials where two mothers are talking and one questions the other about serving some sweetened fruit punch to her kids. The first mother says, "That stuff's got high fructose corn syrup in it, and you know what they say about that."

To which the second mother replies, "What? That it's natural and made from corn? And that in moderation, it's perfectly fine?" more: Clever commercial. And utterly misleading.

Eating Quick, Cheap Food is More Expensive

"I WAS IN THE GROCERY STORE YESTERDAY. While I was squeezing avocados to pick just the right ones ... Read more

Great article that explains much better than I can the reasons to give up wheat for better health. I encourage everyone to take just a couple minutes to read this.

Great Winter Vegetables ... perhaps you haven't tried them yet?

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